Difference between Male and Female Sacrum


The sacrum is a bony structure found in vertebrates. It is a vertebra of our vertebral column, located just below the lumbar vertebrae and above the coccyx. It is articulated with the ilium of the hip bone on either side and helps in the formation of the pelvis.

The sacrum has three different surfaces that help in the accommodation of the pelvic bones, and provides a larger space for the pelvic cavity.

The sacrum serves as an important structure. It helps in supporting the spinal column, it locks the hip bones together and provides space for the foetus to move during childbirth.

The structure of a sacrum, however, differs in males and females. The points of differences between a male and female sacrum are tabulated below.

Male Sacrum

Female Sacrum


The male sacrum is longer.

The female sacrum is shorter.


It is narrower.

It is wider.

Pelvic Inlet

The pelvic inlet is heart-shaped in males.

The pelvic inlet is oval-shaped in females.


The sacral promontory in males is more pronounced.

The sacral promontory in females is indistinct.

Pubic angle

It is at an acute angle (70°), called the subpubic angle.

It is at an obtuse angle (90-100°), called the pubic arch.


Less curved.

More curved.

Position of iliac crests

The iliac crests in males are higher, which makes the structure look longer and narrower.

The iliac crests in females are lower, which makes the structure look shorter and wider.


The male bones are rougher and denser.

The female bones are lighter and thinner.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you tell gender from a sacrum?

The pelvis is the preferred structure to determine one’s gender.


How are the male and female coccyx different?

The male coccyx is projected towards the inside while the female coccyx is straighter and flexible.


Why do females have wider pelvis?

The females have a wider pelvis to provide space for the movement of the foetus during childbirth.


Are male and female bones different?

Male bones are larger and heavier as compared to female bones.


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