Difference between Male and Female Society Finches

The taxonomic name of society finches is Lonchura striata. They are also known as Bengalese finches. The birds are domesticated species not found in the wild.

The males and females of the birds are indistinguishable morphologically. Generally, they are chocolate brown in colour, with a two-toned beak, the chest and belly area being off white and surrounded by chocolate coloured feathers.

The males or the cocks present themselves to the females by dancing and singing, and this is one of the methods for them to attract the hens (females) for mating.

Sexing the Society Finches

The males and females of a society finch can be distinguished by this small activity. Keep a bird isolated in a cage for 24-48 hours where it cannot see or come in contact with any other finch. Introduce one other bird into the same cage after 2 days; if the first bird starts to present itself, it is definitely a male. However, if the bird does not present itself, redo the activity. If the bird still does not present itself to the second bird, it is a female.

Foster Parents

Society finches are eager to breed and therefore make good foster parents. While a male and female can obviously breed and produce their own offspring, a male-male and female-female pair, when provided with an egg in a nest or a closed setting, perform excellently as foster parents.

Let us now look at a few points where the male and female society finches actually differ.

Male Society Finches

Female Society Finches


The male society finches are the ones that dance and sing to attract the females.

The female society finches are the ones that are not able to dance and sing but only chirp.


The male society finches cannot lay eggs.

The female society finches are able to lay eggs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can two male society finches live together?

Yes, two male society finches can live together, but only if they have company. For example, two male finches make great foster parents for exotic eggs.

Do male finches sit on eggs?

Yes, both male and female finches sit on the eggs.

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