Blackbuck Scientific Name

Antilope cervicapra

Blackbucks are the only extant species in the genus Antilope. Also known as the Indian antelope, blackbucks belong to the family Bovidae which also includes cloven-hoofed members such as bison, water buffalo, goats, sheep as well as domestic cattle. As per the IUCN, blackbucks are listed as a “Least Concern” species – which means the population is abundant and thriving. The characteristic long, twirled horns are present predominantly on males. Females may develop horns but it may not be as long as the males.

The species can be found in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Two subspecies have been recognized, however, researchers speculate that these may be an entirely different species. Their scientific names are as follows:

  • Antilope cervicapra cervicapra (southeastern blackbuck) (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Antilope cervicapra rajputanae (northwestern blackbuck) (Zukowsky, 1927)

Indian antelopes show prominent sexual dimorphism, where males are much larger than the females. Usually, males weigh an average of 38 kg while females weigh an average of 27 kg.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Blackbuck Scientific Name


What is the scientific name of Blackbuck?

The scientific name of Blackbuck is Antilope cervicapra


Where are Blackbucks found?

Blackbucks can be found in India, Pakistan and Nepal.


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