Class 12 Business Studies Board Exam

About Class 12 Business Studies Exam:

Business Studies Paper is one of the important subjects in the commerce stream and has its practical implications in all walk of life. It is utmost important for students to understand this subject wholeheartedly.

Interesting and Scoring Subject:

If you have In-depth knowledge of the subject you can score very well in this paper. As questions are concept based and can be answered in your own language provided it is written correctly and concisely.

Never Cram This Subject:

Never cram this subject as this has an immense scope of practical application in your life and the concepts studied in this subject will help you to manage your business / Job effectively.

Paper Pattern & Marks Allocation:

Business Studies question paper generally contains some easy, medium and a few hard questions. Students must clear their concepts to solve technical questions. Some numerical questions on capital structure are also asked.

Proper Focus on Case Studies and Key Concepts:

Focus on case studies should be given as it requires the application of your knowledge of the key concepts.

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Pattern and Marks Allocation:

The Business Studies paper comprises of 80 Marks as 20 marks are allocated to Project Work/ Test/ Viva which happens in the school itself before the exams start.

Theory: 80 Marks
Project: 20 Marks
Exam Time: 3 Hours

Part A Principles and Functions of Management
1. Nature and Significance of Management 16
2 Principles of Management
3 Business Environment
4 Planning 14
5 Organising
6 Staffing 20
7 Directing
8 Controlling
Total 50
Part B Business Finance and Marketing
9 Financial Management 15
10 Financial Markets
11 Marketing Management 15
12 Consumer Protection
Total 30
Part C Project Work (One) 20

The duration of the exam is 3 Hours.

Study Tips for Preparing Business Studies Exam


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