Difference between Lentils and Pulses

Lentils and pulses belong to the legume family. They contain dietary fibers and proteins and are the staple food across the globe. Let us look at their differences.




Lentils are lens shaped pulses.

Pulses are dried edible seeds of the legume plants.


Red, yellow, brown, green lentils.

Chickpeas, peas, beans


It is a staple food in Syria, Morocco, Jordan and Turkey.

It helps in reducing the effect of greenhouse gases and also increases soil health.

Nutritional value

They are rich in protein and fibers, free of cholesterol and fats and also contain iron.

They are rich in fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are lentils called pulses?

Lentils are variations of pulses and belong to the same family as pulses.

Are all lentils pulses?

Yes, all lentils are pulses.

What are lentils called in India?

Lentils are called dal or daal in Hindi in India.

Are beans and lentils the same?

Lentils are small and lens shaped, whereas beans are bigger and kidney shaped.

Why are lentils bad for you?

Raw lentils contain lectin that can cause toxic reactions in the digestive tract.

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