Difference Between Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins are organic substances obtained from plants, living organism, that were once alive. On the other hand, unlike vitamins, minerals are an inorganic substance originated in the earth which cannot be made by living organisms. Vitamins are identified as key nutrients for the body. The body cannot produce them, so they must be obtained through diet. Similarly, minerals are identified as a key nutrient for the body. Minerals are found in a variety of foods. There are 13 essential vitamins while there are thousands of minerals. Your body doesn’t necessarily need all of them, but it needs certain minerals to function properly. Vitamins and minerals are equally essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Here, in the article, we discuss the various differences between vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins vs Minerals

Vitamins Minerals
Vitamins are organic compounds obtained from animals and plants Minerals are inorganic compounds originated in the earth
All the 13 vitamins are needed All the minerals are not needed for the body
Vitamins are easily broken down while cooking by heat and chemical agents. It is tougher to shuttle vitamins to the body from the food Minerals are indestructible and are less vulnerable to heat and chemical agents. Minerals in water and soil easily find their way to the body through plants, animals and fish
Vitamins are classified into water soluble and fat soluble vitamins Minerals are classified into macrominerals and trace minerals
Vitamins develop red blood cells and help in blood clotting. They also release energy from the food and help in maintaining healthy skin, eye, and hair. Minerals help in blood coagulation and muscle contraction. They also help in the bone and tooth formation,
A few examples of vitamins are Vitamin A, B and C A few examples of minerals are Gold, fluoride and silver

From the above difference between vitamins and minerals, we can conclude that they differ biological function, chemical composition and nutritional requirements. To maintain a good body, one should maintain a balanced diet in order to get sufficient vitamins and minerals every day.

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