Deficiency Diseases

Deficiency diseases are diseases that are caused by the lack of certain essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, in one’s diet over a prolonged period of time. A balanced diet is extremely important for the overall good health of a person and an imbalanced diet may lead to the excess or insufficient intake of a certain nutrient. Insufficient intake of a particular nutrient can lead to a deficiency disease.

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Vitamin deficiency diseases

The human body requires a certain amount of all kinds of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Insufficient intake of vitamins may cause a host of different diseases.

Vitamin A deficiency diseases

Vitamin A is a major nutrient that our body requires. Its major function is maintaining normal and night visions. It is also essential for the immune system and the growth of the body.

Night blindness is the most common effect of the  deficiency of Vitamin A. It also affects the immune system and leaves the person prone to other diseases and infections. Vitamin A deficiency in a pregnant woman can lead to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Vitamin B deficiency diseases

Vitamin B can be of different types, such as Vitamin B1, B2, B12 etc. The Deficiency diseases depend on the type of Vitamin B that a person is lacking.

Vitamin B1: Deficiency can cause a disease called Beriberi, which results in weak muscles and severe loss of weight. Severe deficiency can cause paralysis and cardiac failure.

Vitamin B6: Deficiency can cause anemia and certain skin disorders such as cracks around the mouth. It can also lead to depression and nervous breakdowns.

Vitamin B12: Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause Pernicious anemia. Other diseases related to B12 deficiency are  muscle and nerve paralysis, extreme fatigue, dementia and depression.

Vitamin C deficiency diseases

Deficiency of Vitamin C can cause Scurvy, a disease that leads to the bleeding of gums, skin spots and swelling of joints. It also affects the immune system and can also cause death in extreme situations.

Vitamin D deficiency diseases

Normal Anatomy & RicketsVitamin D deficiency can lead to a disease called Rickets, which leads to weakening of bones, especially near the joints. It can also lead to the decaying of teeth.

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