Hibiscus Botanical Name

Botanical Name: Hibiscus

Hibiscus refers to a genus of flowers that belongs to the order Malvales. Within the genus Hibiscus, there are several hundred species which are usually found distributed throughout the world. These flowers inhabit the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate areas.

The members of this genus are collectively known as Hibiscus or the rose mallow. Other names include Rose of Sharon, Tropical Hibiscus and hardy Hibiscus. The genus is inclusive of perennial and annual plants as well as small trees and woody shrubs.

The flower has cultural significance across many parts of the world, including India. A species called Hibiscus cannabinus is used for making paper. Other species of this genus are used in the construction of rope as well as canoes. Some species of Hibiscus are used to prepare beverages, and some are used as ingredients for food.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hibiscus Botanical Name

What is the botanical name of Hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a genus that contains hundreds of species. Members of this genus are known by names such as Rose of Sharon, Tropical Hibiscus and hardy Hibiscus.

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