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A seed is a tiny plant in its embryonic stage. It is enclosed within a protective layer of seed coat which helps in protecting the young embryo. The seed usually contains endosperm which nourishes the seed embryo in the early stages. Therefore, the main parts of the seed are the embryo, endosperm and the seed coat.

Let’s learn about Plumules- A part of the seed embryo.

What are Plumules?

After the seed germinates, the embryo starts emerging out of the seed coat. This growth leads to the development and growth of plumule. Plumule is the essential part of the seed embryo which further develops into the shoot of the plant.
The plumule of the seed emerges out of the soil and develops young leaves and stems. The main parts of the plumule are epicotyl, the young leaves and the apical meristematic tissue of the shoot.

Functions of Plumules

  1. Plumule is the part of the embryo which emerges from the seed and develops into the shoot of the plant. It further develops organs such as the stem, flowers, fruits and seeds.
  2. Since the plumule forms the shoot of the plant, it is responsible for performing photosynthesis. Therefore, the plumule helps in the production and transportation of the food to other parts of the plant.

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Features of Plumules

  • Plumule and radicle both develop from the young seed embryo. The plumule develops after the radicle.
  • The plumule is present above the cotyledons and it develops into the shoot of the plant.
  • The plumule has to form the shoot of the plant therefore it demonstrates positive phototropism. The plumule senses sunlight and grows in the direction of the sunlight.
  • Since the plumule has to rise above the ground, it shows negative geotropism. Therefore, the plumule grows in the opposite direction of the gravitational force.
  • Plumule of the embryo forms organs which are responsible for photosynthesis and transport of food.

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This article concludes with an introduction to the plumule. To know more about plumules, their structure, functions, other related topics and important questions on seed formation, seed germination and parts of seeds, keep visiting our website at BYJU’S Biology.

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