Reproduction In Plants Concept Map

The concept map is a diagrammatic representation showing the relationship between each concept. In this concept map, students can quickly learn and understand how different plants complete their life cycle.

Reproduction is one of the most fundamental processes carried out by living organisms. However, there are differences in the way living organisms exhibit the process. In plants, reproduction is carried out via two modes:

Sexual Mode – New plants are obtained from seeds.

Asexual Mode – New plants are obtained without producing seeds.

Let us learn more in detail about reproduction in plants in this concept map.

Check out the concept map of reproduction in plants.

Reproduction in plants

The concept map is a quick way to revise the concepts before the exams.

The concept map of reproduction in plants is concise and easy to remember. It serves to guide students in understanding the concepts of reproduction in flowering plants in a more accessible and better way.

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