Uses Of Plants For Class 2

Uses Of Plants

Human beings depend on plants and animals for survival. In this topic, we are discussing the uses of plants for class 2 kids. Below are 10 important uses of plants:

  1. Food from plants – Plants give us fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers
    • From roots, we get potatoes, radish, beetroot, carrot, etc.
    • Seeds of some plants provide us with almonds, groundnut, rice, wheat, etc.
    • From leaves and stem, we get silverbeet, lettuce, etc.
    • Fruits like Mango, apple, grapes, etc.
  1. Wood from plants – trees provide us with timber and firewood
    • Furniture like table, chair, window, door, etc. is made of wood
  1. Cotton plants – They provide us with cotton clothes like pillow, towel, bed-sheets, etc.
  1. Fibre plants help us with ropes, jute bags, etc.
  1. Plants give us medicines – Some plants are of medicinal importance. Medicines made from such plants are called medicinal plants
    • Example : Tulsi, Neem Brahmi, etc.
  1. Plants give us rubber, gum, paper – Some plants give us gum. Rubber plant gives us rubber
    • Eraser, tyre etc.
    • Plants like eucalyptus and bamboo are used to make paper
  1. Oil from plants – Seeds of some plants are oily and hence oil is extracted. This oil is used in cooking and various other purposes.
    • Sunflower oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil are used for cooking
    • Almond oil, coconut oil, etc are used to apply on hair
  1. Perfume from plants – Flowers of some plants are used to make perfumes
    • Apart from decorative purpose, flowers like jasmine, rose are used to make perfumes
  1. Manure from plants – Plant waste is used as manure for the growth of other plants
  1. Clean air to breathe – Plants and trees help in controlling air pollution. During the process of photosynthesis, they take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. We inhale the oxygen from the air and exhale carbon dioxide. Hence, the process continues and the air is pollution-free for us to breathe.

Below is a quick practice test on the uses of plants and trees. Answer the following questions:

Q1. Name any two plants of medicinal importance

Q2. Give the importance of cotton plants.

Q3. What is sunflower oil used for?

Q4. Any two examples of food from seeds of the plants.

Q5. Which part of plant is used to make perfumes?

Q6. Answer True or False

  1. Eucalyptus is used to make tyre.
  2. Rubber plant is used to make paper.

Q7. Name the kind of wood used to make furniture.

Q8. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Human beings inhale ________ from the air and exhale ________.

Q9. Perfume is made from? Choose the correct answer from the following:

  1. Seeds
  2. Roots
  3. Fruits
  4. Flowers

Q10. Fill in the blanks:

  1. ________ and _____ help in controlling air pollution.

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