ASSET English Olympiad 2022-2023

Students take an English ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) test to see how they apply a specific subject they have learnt in class. A number of techniques are used by ASSET to examine them, including having students read research papers, newspaper articles, and other abstract reading materials they encounter in daily life. The ASSET Olympiad prepares students to answer the questions by using the theoretical principles they have learnt in class.

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The ASSET practice test is based on the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and important state boards and is only offered to schools that have registered for ASSET. The decision to participate in the Winter or Summer Olympiads is up to the school. We will discuss the ASSET 2022 Exam details in this article.

Exam Highlight and Important Dates

Conducting Body Educational Initiatives
Exam Name ASSET English Exam
Classes 3-10
Mode of Exam OMR or computer-based test
Exam Dates (Tentative)
  • India- 26 & 27 November 2022
  • Other Countries- 2 & 3 July 2022
Exam Results Date TBA
Testable Abilities
  • Vocabulary in context
  • Grammar usage
  • Literal comprehension
  • Extended reasoning
Mode of Reference Online
  • India
  • UAE
  • Singapore
  • Gulf
  • Africa
Mode of Registration Online
  • ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing) is an academic diagnostic test for English that is available to students. ASSET evaluates a student’s comprehension of the subject’s ideas and provides in-depth feedback to assist students advance.
  • The exam doesn’t require any prior study because it gauges students’ comprehension of ideas from disciplines that cannot be learnt in advance.
  • A diagnostic report that summarises the student’s performance and highlights their strong and weak abilities will be sent to them.
  • In order to assist them in correcting their mistakes, the student report also includes their international benchmarking and practice questions. In order to take prompt corrective action, the report enables students to determine whether they have comprehended a subject.
  • The exam identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each student and makes comparisons between their abilities and those of the entire class using a variety of metrics.

ASSET English Olympiad Application Form

There are two methods to register for the ASSET English Olympiad. Students can sign up by getting in touch with the teacher in charge of ASSET English Exam 2022 enrollment and providing the necessary information.

Additionally, anyone can register themselves by entering the necessary information on the official ASSET website (search under Educational Initiatives, then find ASSET English). If registering through the school, registration fees of Rs. 250 must be paid to the school coordinator in person or online (if individual registration).

ASSET English Olympiad Exam Pattern

Classes 3 to 10
Number of Questions 50-70 multiple-choice questions
Duration 45 mins to 70 mins per paper
Important Sections
  • Vocabulary in context
  • Grammar usage
  • Literal comprehension
  • Extended reasoning
Exam Frequency Once a year
Types of Questions MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
Syllabus Based on the Indian curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, or other major state boards)
Mode of Exam OMR or computer-based test

ASSET English Olympiad Syllabus

The ASSET examinations don’t have a specific syllabus because their major emphasis is on ideas and applications. Therefore, CBSE/ICSE or any other Indian boards are preferred for the ASSET English test.

The significant subjects that should be studied before taking the ASSET English Exam are listed below.

The syllabus for each class is distinct, and the level of difficulty rises for classes at upper secondary schools. The syllabus for the ASSET English Exam 2022 will be based on the Indian curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, or any major state boards).

Consist of:

  • Vocabulary in context
  • Grammar usage
  • Literal comprehension
  • Extended reasoning

ASSET English Olympiad Admit Cards

Following completion of registration, educational initiatives will post the admit cards online on their official website, where enrolled applicants may access and download them whenever they like.

The Educational Initiatives Foundation will issue the admit cards. Students can log in to their accounts to download the ASSET Examination admit card when EI foundation posts their 2022 ASSET English admit card on the official website. A physical copy of the admit card and the school ID card must be brought to the test room for verification.

ASSET English Olympiad Result

Results from ASSET 2022–2023 will be released by Educational Initiatives. As they will need to submit their information when the results are announced, students should have their admission cards close at hand.

The ASSET English score has been posted on Educational Initiatives’ official website. For notification of the results, students are urged to regularly check the official website. Results for the ASSET English Exam 2022 will be posted on the official website.

Benefits of ASSET English Olympiad

  • Exams like the English Olympiad do a lot more to bring out the finest in a student, improving their comprehension of English concepts in-depth.
  • The more intricate and cerebral nature of the English Olympiad issues aids in students’ thorough comprehension of the subject.
  • Children’s analytical thinking is fostered via the English Olympiad.
  • Learn how each subject is utilised in real-world scenarios while using English.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ASSET English Olympiad


What is the aim of the ASSET English Olympiad?

The ASSET test, which measures applicants’ skills, stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing. This asset exam uses multiple-choice questions and simulates a survey test by keeping in mind the curriculum’s abilities and themes that the students would comprehend. The test looks at each student’s strong areas in the class as well as their weak ones.

What is the registration fee for AEO

If you belong to a school in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, or Nepal, you must pay a fee of Rs. 250 per student, including 18 per cent GST, towards the cost of the exam.

How do the ASSET Exams benefit students?

  • Feedback on students’ actual learning is provided via the ASSET English Exam.
  • Students can use ASSET to track how they applied ideas to each question and the results of those applications.
  • Students can learn about their talents and shortcomings with the ASSET.