NSEB Exam Pattern

Every year, the NSEB (National Standard Examination in Biology) is administered by the Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences, the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education, and the Indian Association of Physics Teachers. Due to the current epidemic, the exam, which was formerly a three-stage procedure, has now been shortened to a two-stage method. However, the phases leading up to the international olympiad have the same format.

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This exam is claimed to be important in identifying exceptional individuals with high IQs in biology, and awarding them scholarships to top universities around the country. In this article, we’ll go over the NSEB 2022 Exam Pattern as well as other NSEB related information.

Exam Pattern of NSEB

The exam format and marking scheme for NSEB examinations 2022 are listed below:

Total Number of Questions 80
Types Of Question Multiple-choice Question (MCQs) with negative marking
Language/ Medium of Paper English/Hindi (To have opted during registration)
Syllabus Based on CBSE
Total marks 240
Duration 2 Hours

For each accurate response, students receive three points. For each wrong response, one mark is subtracted from the overall score.

NSEB Exam Stages and Pattern

The overview offers you a sense of what the NSE biology test pattern comprises as students go through each level.There are five stages to the process:

  • Stage 1: Biology National Standard Examination (NSEB)
  • Stage 2: National Biology Olympiad of India (INBO)
  • Stage 3: Biology Orientation and Selection Camp (OCSC)
  • Stage 4: IBO Pre-Departure Training Camp (PDT)
  • Stage 5: International Biology Olympiad participation (IBO).

Paper Pattern

The biology paper will last around 120 minutes and will be in English. Alternatively, at enrolling, Hindi can be selected as an option. Students will get a +3 for each correct answer, but a -1 for each incorrect response. In a two-hour paper, students must answer 80 questions for a total of 240 points. The test is conducted in a paper-and-pencil format.

Tips for Getting Ready for the NSEB and Getting a Good Score

  • Examine your previous test-taking abilities, achievements, and failures. Knowing your talents and limitations can significantly aid you in your preparation.
  • Gather your study resources and look over any new knowledge you’ve learned about the biology areas that will most likely be addressed in the test.
  • Make a study timetable and set aside the time needed to finish each topic without overestimating your talents; it is critical to be practical in your approach.
  • Stick to your strategy and start studying; don’t be sidetracked by any distractions. Your self-confidence will increase if you stick to your timetable.
  • After studying, choose a test date and solve trial papers and pace yourself. Also, consult sample papers and previous years’ question papers.

Recommended Books (NSEB 2022)

The National Science Education Board (NSEB) assists students in assessing their biology knowledge. Biology is extremely important in today’s world. Along with academic understanding, students must be meticulous in their diagrams. To qualify for international olympiads and to do well in the NSEB tests, one must understand the fundamental ideas of biology. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful books to help you prepare for the NSEB examinations 2022:

  • Biology NCERT Book for Class 11
  • Biology NCERT Books for Class 12
  • P.S. Dhami’s Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology for Class 12
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 12 and NEET by K.N. Bhatia M.P. Tyagi

Frequently Asked Questions on NSEB Exam Pattern 


Will the National Standard Examination in Biology be held online in 2022?

The National Standard Examination Board conducts the National Standard Examination in Biology in a highly effective manner. Every year, the examination takes place using pen and paper. However, the prior year’s exam was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. According to the most recent update, the method of assessment for the National Standard Examination in Biology 2022 remains offline. The admission card may be downloaded from the website.

In the NSEB, how many students are chosen?

The National Secondary Education Board (NSEB) is a competitive admission test for students in grades nine to twelve. Every year, about 30000 candidates take the admission test, and only a small percentage of those who pass are chosen. Being approved for this exam is a long, difficult, and costly procedure.

Is NCERT sufficient for NSEB?

NCERT books cover all of the fundamentals as well as other pertinent information. However, it is insufficient since, in order to be competitive, a student must learn from a variety of sources. Students can concentrate on the subjects that are most important to them.

What are the best biology books to study for the National Standard Exam in Biology?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publications cover the most essential themes on which questions in the NSEB exam are based. You may remove your concerns and build a firm foundation on the topic by consulting the NCERT Book for Class 11 and Class 12 Biology. Other books to consider are P.S. Dhami’s Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology for Class 12, B.P. Pander’s S. Chand’s Biology for Class XII, Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 12, and S. Chand’s Together with Biology. All of these books will assist you in thinking from a different perspective, allowing you to be prepared for any type of question asked during the National Standard Examination in Biology.

What purpose does the NSEB test serve?

The National Student Eligibility Board (NSEB) is a prominent test for students, and it is the first step toward admission to famous universities such as IITs, NITs, BITs, and other top colleges in India. It also allows you to learn about numerous science areas, which will aid you in pursuing a job in that field. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to take a competitive exam.