NSEP Exam Result

The National Standard Test in Physics, or NSEP, is a yearly optional examination administered by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), which serves as the first stage of the worldwide Olympiad. Candidates are eligible for a scholarship in any undergraduate programme based on their NSEP test scores.

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A candidate interested in taking the NSEP 2022-23 test should be familiar with how the NSEP result and the student merit list are compiled. The NSEP test includes both multiple-choice and conceptual questions. If a candidate does not have a correct strategy or a good study plan, the NSEP test becomes extremely tough to pass.

What is the procedure for checking the NSEP 2022-23 results?

NSEP 2022-23 result contains crucial information on the candidate, such as the candidate’s name, results, and other relevant data. It is critical for the applicant to understand how to verify the results of the NSEP 2022-23 test. Below is a step-by-step guide on how the applicant may accomplish the same.

  • The official website of the NSEP is iapt.org.in.
  • Activate the tab for “NSEP Exam 2022-23 Result.”
  • Enter your name, roll number, and date of birth to complete the verification process.
  • The final result will be shown on the computer.
  • The Exam result tab for NSEP 2022-23 will only activate on the result declaration day at the notification time and will not activate earlier to that.

The candidate can also use the technique to see if his or her name appears on the NSEP merit list.

  • The candidate must first go to the IAPT main website and then click on the “List of Candidates Selected for the INO 2022-23” link.
  • Check the page for the name and the corresponding roll number.
  • If the candidate’s name appears on the list, he or she has qualified for the following round, which is the Indian National Olympiad (INO).

What follows after the NSEP in 2022-23?

NSEP 2023 is the first of five phases leading up to the International Physics Olympiad in 2023. Read on to learn more about each stage:

Stage 1: In registered schools across India, the National Standard Examination in Physics 2023 (NSEP) will be held. Every year, around 1400 centres and 20,000 to 60,000 students take the NSEP.

Stage 2: Exams will take place on various dates in January 2023. IOQP(Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Physics) 2023 will choose between 300-500 students.

Stage 3: Orientation-cum-selection is the third stage. The camp will be placed at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science and Research, with 35 to 50 students being chosen for the next step. Applicants will be quizzed on their knowledge of the camp’s experimental and theoretical courses.

Stage 4: Orientation-cum-selection Success From July to November 2023, a Pre-Departure Camp will be held. Four to six students will be chosen from the 35-50 pupils to go to the next level of the Olympiad.

Step 5: The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is the last stage, in which four to six students will represent India at the international level. Students who earn the gold medal at IPhO are eligible to join the Department of Atomic Energy, which seeks to develop nuclear power technology and uses of radiation technologies in agriculture, health, industry, and fundamental research, and is directly under the Prime Minister of India.

Frequently Asked Questions on NSEP Result 2022-23


What is NSEP?

NSEP stands for National Standard Examination in Physics, and is conducted by IAPT.

What are the actual advantages of passing the NSEP 2022-23 examination?

NSEP is shown to deliver tremendous rewards for students who achieve good NSEP outcomes throughout the year. Only if the candidate decides to continue a career in the field of Physics after passing this examination will he or she be awarded a scholarship for the undergraduate study.

Which is more difficult, NSEP or KVPY?

NSEP is tougher than KVPY.

How many students are chosen for the NSEP programme?

In 2019, 458 students are selected in NSEP. These students will go for INO exam.

What are the NSEP 2022-23 Exam Eligibility Requirements?

Every year, the Nationwide Science Education Program (NSEP) conducts a national test in Physics, and applicants must meet all of the qualifying requirements in order to apply.

  • The applicant must have been born between July 1, 2000 and June 30, 2005.
  • The candidate must have lived in India from November 30, 2017 or before.
  • The individual must be qualified to apply for a passport in India.