NCO Class 1 Syllabus

The National Cyber Olympiad is a competitive exam for pupils in grades 1 to 10. The Science Olympiad Foundation administers the contest (SOF). It is one of the most well-known olympiad tests that emphasises upon computing and thinking skills, similar to other olympiad exams. The exam is designed to assist students in improving their mental aptitude, logical thinking, and analytical reasoning skills. The National Cyber Olympiad is a single-level exam. The NCO Exam is normally held in December and January by the SOF organisation.

Highlights of the Exam

National Cyber Olympiad is a competitive exam on cyber security for students of various age groups. The exam’s primary goal is to increase youth knowledge of internet security and computer abilities. It also creates a platform that helps students to gain confidence and upgrade their skills by teaching them more about computers and information technology. The following are a few of the examination’s goals.

  • To inspire students to create an interest in the internet and its security
  • To develop computer skills and knowledge starting at the elementary school level.
  • To train pupils for the technical abilities required in today’s digital environment

Exam Pattern

The NCO exam is broken down into three stages.

  • Section I contains questions about patterns, series, and classifications. For students in grades 6 to 10, Section I covers both verbal and nonverbal thinking exercises.
  • Section II consists of computer, information technology, and technical advancement-related questions.
  • High-order thinking questions make up Section III. Every grade has the same topic, but the level of difficulty varies and continues to increase.

A 60 minute test with 35 objective-type questions for Classes 1 to 4 and 50 objective-type questions for Classes 5 to 10 makes up the question paper.

The exam pattern for Class 1 is shown in the table below.

Class / Grade


Number of questions

Marks per question

Total marks

Grade 1

Section 1




Section 2




Section 3




Grand Total



Syllabus for Class 1

The SOF NCO Olympiad syllabus is based on the major educational boards such as CBSE, ICSE, State Board, and others. The curriculum is created in accordance with these boards and the average thinking capacity of pupils in that age range. The core syllabus of the exam includes logical thinking and mathematical skills that are required in computer technology.

The themes, topics, and concepts that students must cover in order to pass the examination are listed below.

Grade I

Section I (Logical Reasoning)

Section II (Computer & IT)


  • Patterns and Completion of Figure Pattern
  • Measuring Units (Length, Weight, and Time & Money)
  • Geometrical Shapes, Odd One Out, and Spatial Understanding
  • Grouping of Figures, Analogy, and Ranking Test
  • Introduction to Computers, Parts of Computer, and Uses of Computer
  • Keys and Keyboard

(Computer Mouse)

  • Starting and Shutting down the Computer
  • Introduction to MS-Paint and The current trends and developments taking place in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science

High-order thinking skills questions based on Section II

Any prescribed curriculum textbook for Class 1 that includes the concepts mentioned above is suitable for proper study. For better knowledge and preparation for the exam, students can use the NCO mock test for Class 1 available on the official website. This gives pupils a clear idea of how the exam will be conducted, and helps them to improve their writing and time management abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCO 2022

What is the total marks of the NCO exam for grade 1? ?

The total marks of the NCO exam for grade 1 is 40.

Are there any subjective questions in the exam?

No, there are no subjective questions. The exam is completely objective as only multiple-choice questions are asked in the exam.

What is the full form of NCO?

The full form of NCO is the National Cyber Olympiad.

Which grade students can participate in the NCO examination?

Students studying from grade 1 to grade 10 can participate in the NCO exam

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