Biology Root Words For -cide

Greek/ Latin Root: caedo

Meaning: Kill/ Killer/ Cut

Examples of Root Words with “-cide”

  • Algicide

    Algaecide/ algicide is a chemical substance/ organism that is used for killing algae and preventing its growth. There are two types of algicides available – natural algicide vs synthetic algicide

  • Aphicide

    Aphicides are substances that are used to kill aphids. Aphids are small bugs that feed on sucking sap from plants.

  • Fungicides

    Fungicides are substances designed to kill or inhibit the growth fungi.

  • Avicide (Aves=Birds)

    Avicides are substances used to kill birds.

  • Ichthyocide (Ichthyo= Fish/ Fish-like)

    Ichthyocide is a chemical substance used to kill fishes.

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