Difference Between Man and Ape (for Student of Primary Classes)

Apes are human’s closest living relatives. And furthermore, apes and humans have more in common than most other animals due to the fact that we had common ancestors millions of years ago. This is the reason why humans and apes have features that are quite similar. Read on to explore how humans are different from apes and if we have any similarities with them.

Difference Between Ape and Man

Most apes have very prominent brow ridges The brow ridges in humans are less pronounced
Most apes have a diastema (an open space between upper incisors) Humans do not have a diastema
Arms are longer than legs Arms are NOT longer than legs
Most apes have a C-shaped spine Humans have an S-shaped spine
Great toes (hallux) is opposable Hallux is not opposable
(Some) apes can make simple tools Humans can make much more complex tools
Apes do not have any written language Humans have many written languages

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