Difference Between Diapause and Hibernation

Hibernation and diapause are both animal adaptation in response to a harsh environment or climate. However, diapause is usually observed in insects and also during the development stage of an organism (such as an embryo). Hibernation is quite similar to diapause, however, hibernation is exclusively characterized by low body temperatures while diapause features no such characteristic. Read on to explore more differences between hibernation and diapause.

Difference Between Hibernation and Diapause
Diapause is a dormant stage in the development of an organism Hibernation is the reduction of metabolic activities in an organism
Diapause occurs during any time of the year Hibernation occurs mostly during winter months
Diapause is commonly observed in insects. Hibernation is common among higher animals as well as invertebrates such as arthropods.
Monarch butterflies exhibit diapause in winter or any other unfavourable conditions Hibernation is seen in mammals such as bats, prairie dogs and ground squirrels.

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