Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation

Hibernation or “winter sleep” is the state of inactivity or low metabolic process animals perform during winter. Aestivation or “summer sleep”, on the other hand, is the low metabolic process by the animals during summer.

Let us have a detailed look at the important difference between hibernation and aestivation.

Aestivation vs Hibernation

The following are the major difference between aestivation and hibernation:


Also known as “winter sleep”.

Also known as “summer sleep”.

Longer duration.

Short duration.

Animals look for a warm place to sleep.

Animals look for a moist, cool and shady place to sleep.

It prevents any internal body damage due to low temperatures.

It prevents excessive water loss and internal body damage due to high temperatures.

Hibernation takes place in warm and cold-blooded animals like bats, mammals, birds, etc.

Aestivation takes place in cold-blooded animals like snails, earthworms, frogs, etc.


Aestivation occurs in animals living in deserts and tropical regions. This is done to protect themselves from a hot and dry climate and due to the scarcity of food and water. This can be seen in earthworms, molluscs, arthropods, reptiles and amphibians. A lungfish can aestivate and survive without water for three years. The sole motive of aestivation is to prevent water loss or dehydration and to save energy.


Hibernation is the condition in which the animals go dormant during winter by lowering their metabolic activities. This can be seen in reptiles, fish and amphibians. To combat the problem of food shortage during hibernation, these animals eat a lot of food and store it in the form of excess fat. This is supplied in the form of energy while sleeping.

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