Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation

Hibernation and aestivation are two types of sleeping patterns which are differentiated as winter sleep and summer sleep. The significance of this sleep pattern is associated with survival practices in extreme temperature conditions, preserving energy, lack of water and food, etc. The duration of these sleeping patterns is short as well as long. While the species undergo hibernation and aestivation, their energy is reduced to 70-100 times than their active state. They pre-prepare themselves by storing sufficient water and food in the form of fat that will help them survive for longer durations. The breathing rates, metabolic activity, and heartbeat become slow. Sometimes the animals wake up for every two weeks for a deep breathe and fresh air.

Difference Between Aestivation And Hibernation

Properties Aestivation Hibernation
Pattern Summer sleep Winter sleep
Duration Shorter Longer
Resting place Moist, shady or cool Warm
Species Cold blooded amphibians Cold blooded as well as warm-blooded reptiles and amphibians
Example Snails, frogs, lizards, earthworms, crocodiles, etc. Insects, mouse, birds, bats, mammals, etc

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