Difference between Leopard and Jaguar

Leopard and jaguar are similar in appearance and hence difficult to distinguish. However, there are a number of structural and behavioural differences that can help distinguish between a leopard and a jaguar. Let us have a detailed overview of a few of these differences.

Leopard vs Jaguar

Following are the major difference between a leopard and a jaguar:


A jaguar has a muscular and compact body, with a broad head and powerful jaws.

The body of a leopard is less muscular compared to that of a jaguar.

The tail is short.

The tail is long.
The rosette patterns on a jaguar’s coat have spots inside them.

A leopard’s rosettes do not have spots inside them.

The body size is large.

The body size is the smallest of all animals belonging to the cat family.
Jaguars can be found in South America.

Leopards are found in most parts of Africa and Asia.

Jaguars are brave and can easily face a bigger animal.

Leopards are intimidated by an animal bigger than them.

Jaguars have a life expectancy of 13-15 years. Leopards have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.
It crushes and suffocates its victim. Leopards kill with a suffocating bite.

These were some interesting differences between jaguar and leopard. Jaguar is the third largest of all the big cats, whereas, leopards are the smallest. Their structural and behavioral differences are clearly mentioned here.

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