Scientific Name of Elephant

Elephantidae (family)

Elephants belong to the family Elephantidae, which includes the three other extant species of elephants as well as the extinct species like straight-tusked elephants and mammoths. The scientific names for other species of elephants are as follows:

  • African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
  • African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis)
  • Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

Sea cows such as manatees are closely related to elephants as are descended from a group of common ancestors known as Tethytheria. The animals of this group were very small, rodent-like creatures which lived on land. Eventually, the group split into two distinct groups, evolving into the terrestrial elephants and marine manatees. To emphasize the shared ancestry, manatees have a long, flexible upper lip that resembles the trunk of an elephant. Furthermore, modern-day manatees are herbivores, just like elephants; this makes manatees the only herbivorous marine mammal species in existence. One of the most famous, extinct members of the Elephantidae family is the mammoths. This animal first appeared 5 million years ago in the fossil records. Interestingly, mammoths were alive during the construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, some 3,700 to 4,000 years ago,

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