Why are Carbon and its Compounds used as Fuels?

There are many reasons, which satisfy the question of why carbon and its compounds are used as fuels. Some of them are discussed below:

Carbon compounds are very easy to handle. Therefore, carbon and its compounds are used as fuels.

Carbon compounds are used as fuel because they burn with a clean flame and no smoke is produced.

Carbon compounds have higher calorific values, maximum ignition temperature and their combustion can be restrained. Hence, carbon and its compounds are a great source of fuel.

Carbon and their compounds give out a lot of heat, energy and light when they are burnt in air and this is mainly because carbon compounds have greater calorific values. Consequently, carbon and its compounds are used as fuels.

What are Carbon and its compounds?

Carbon is an essential component of living beings. It is found everywhere around us, including air, inside the earth’s crust, in plants and also within the human body. It is also called the primary building blocks of life along with nitrogen and oxygen.

A human body comprises about 18 percent of carbon and is required for the continuity of life processes.

Carbon is the primary organic compound, which is essential for continuity of life on the planet earth. All green plants utilize carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, respiration and are also used as growth regulators.

In other living systems, this organic molecule makes up the cells and other structures of organisms, which are involved in carrying out life processes.

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