My Hobby Essay for Class 3

Given here is my hobby essay for Class 3, which is a very common topic for essays in primary classes. In fact, “hobby” even takes its place among the prime questions asked in interview processes. Here, let’s talk about my hobby essay.

A hobby is an activity which is performed daily in one’s leisure time. People may have hobbies like playing cricket, reading books, singing, listening to music, swimming, dancing, painting, etc. Let’s now have a look at My Hobby Essay in English. Here are 10 lines on My Hobby Essay on Cricket. You can also download the essay in PDF format here for free!

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My Hobby Essay for Class 3

My Hobby “Cricket” Essay for Class 3

  • There must be something that rejuvenates us after a tiring day- something that makes us happy and relaxed. That something is called a hobby.
  • My hobby is playing cricket. It makes me feel fresh and energetic.
  • I play it daily after school, with my friends in the playground, behind my house.
  • Playing outdoor games makes us physically fit. It also boosts the concentration of the mind.
  • Activities like bowling, running between the wickets, wicket-keeping, batting and fielding require a lot of physical movement.
  • I have made so many friends while playing cricket. Cricket encourages teamwork.
  • I think cricket is much better than sitting hours in front of the computer screen or playing video games.
  • When I study after playing, I am able to concentrate better and grasp concepts faster.
  • My passion for playing cricket has also won me the captaincy in my school cricket team.
  • My family motivates me to play well and study hard. I even got my own cricket kit as a birthday present, the previous year.


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A hobby reveals a lot about the interests of an individual. It explains what people like to do when they are free, what’s the thing that makes them feel relaxed and lively, or what simply gives them a feeling of completeness.

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