MSBSHSE Class 10 SSC English Syllabus

A student who has good grammatical and writing skills will find it easier to score in English subject. Acing the language also helps to uplift the overall percentage in their Class 10 board exams. The MSBSHSE syllabus for Class 10 English for the current academic year 2021-2022 covers all the important topics and subtopics, as per the latest guidelines of the Maharashtra State Board.

Students of Class 10 MSBSHSE Board are urged to understand the English syllabus thoroughly, considering the final question paper will be prepared according to the latest syllabus. The MSBSHSE syllabus, also provides information about the course structure, assignments, marking scheme and time duration. For this year, the MSBSHSE SSC English syllabus has reduced by 30%.

Students, can click on the link and find the reduced syllabus:

Download MSBSHSE Class 10 SSC English Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Details found in the syllabus. Find information about the deleted portions below:

  • 1.3(Prose) Informative -On Wings of Courage (Activities 1 and 2 in warming up and Activities- 6,7,9 and 10 to be retained
  • 2.6(Prose) Informative- Science and Spirituality(An informative lesson related to science, Informative lessons are repeated. All the activities are repeated so that the lesson with all the activities are reduced)
  • 3.4(Poem)– The Will to Win(All the activities given in the poem is repeated so whole poem to be reduced)
  • 4.1(Poem)– A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever (The whole along with all activities are reduced as all the activities are repeated)
  • 4.6(Story)-The Gift of Magi(The story is repeated and it’s a lengthy story so it is to be reduced but activities 10,11,12 and 13 to be retained)
  • 4.2 Bholi (Prose)– This part will not be considered for evaluation
  • 4.3 O Captain, My Captain(Poem)-This part will not be considered for evaluation
  • 4.5 Joan of Arc(Prose)- This part will not be considered for evaluation
  • 4.6 A Brave Heart Dedicated to Science and Humanity– (Text entire prose, English workshop activity(1 to 7), English workshop activity no. 8

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