IEO Eligibility Criteria

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is a language test in India. Students in grades 1 to 12 take the single-level test IEO. You must first register for the exam through your school. This curriculum will challenge students on a local, national, and global level throughout the year. Participants will be expected to create exciting products or presentations on concepts related to linguistics, such as grammar and pronunciation.

Students interested in participating in the International English Olympiad should know the requirements. For Level 1 and Level 2 exams, the IEO 2022 Eligibility Criteria vary. Students should be aware of the IEO eligibility requirements ahead of time to minimise any confusion later on. The application form should only be filled out by students who meet the IEO exam 2022 eligibility requirements.

Key Points of the IEO Examination

To become a registered examination centre, the institution does not have to pay a fee. Any school can apply to become a SOF IEO Level 1 centre. A prospectus with registration forms is sent to every SOF-registered school. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF by the due date, duly filled out and complete. By emailing [email protected], schools that have not yet registered can request a prospectus.

To fund the examination costs, schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal pay SOF a registration fee of Rs. 125 per student, including GST. The price is waived for students with a severe physical disability or Indian students whose parents were killed in a military operation. Schools may charge an additional Rs. 25 per learner to cover the in-honorarium, instructor wages, and other expenses.

The overview of the IEO (International English Olympiad) is tabulated below.

Full-Form of IEO

International English Olympiad

Conducting Body

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)



Frequency of Conduct

Once a year

Exam Level


Exam Duration

1 Hour

Mode of Application


Eligibility Criteria of the IEO Examination

The International English Olympiad is a competition that measures how well people understand and use English. This competition allows students from all around the globe to compete and train them to be well-educated citizens in the world. It accepts students from all areas of life, regardless of race, language, or nationality.

  • A student must be enrolled in a school that the SOF has approved.
  • A student must be in or between classes 1 and 12 to be eligible for IEO 2021-22.
  • A student must have completed a fully filled-out application form and made the requisite payment.

The Eligibility Criteria of Level 1 IEO Exam

There are no specific requirements for the Level 1 exam, as students in grades 1 to 12 are eligible to take it. Basic English is the language proficiency level required for the IEO Exam Level 1. Furthermore, there are no minimum marks requirements, making the Level 1 exam available to many pupils. The exam is open to all students in grades 1 to 12 from within and outside the country.

The Eligibility Criteria of Level 2 IEO Exam

Students in Classes 3 to 12 who scored in their Level 1 IEO exam and qualified for Level 2 take the International English Olympiad Level 2 examination. The level 2 examination is not needed for students in Classes 1 and 2. They are evaluated entirely based on their Level 1 IEO exam performance. Students in grades 3 to 12 who meet any of the following conditions are eligible to take the Level 2 test:

  • Five per cent of the top scorers in the 1st level exam (class-wise)
  • Class and zone-wise top 25 rank holders of 1st level exam.
  • Class topper at each class level provided that at least ten students have attended that class, and the topper has received at least 50% of the total scores.

Frequently Asked Questions on IEO Eligibility Criteria

What is the IEO Examination Procedure?

Only pupils in grades 1 to 12 who are enrolled in school are eligible to take the IEO exam. The exam is divided into two tiers. At the first level, objective-type questions are asked. Different levels of questions are assigned to each class. Students in grades 1 to 4 must respond to 35 multiple-choice questions for 40 points, and students in grades 5 to 12 must respond to 50 multiple-choice questions worth 60 points. Students will be handed OMR sheets to mark their answers. Only 500 students are chosen for the exam for the second level and are allowed to attend. A medal is given to students who earn a score of more than 50%, or 30 out of 60.

What is the full form of SPR?

SPR stands for Student Performance Report. The Student Performance Report (SPR) assists in analyzing the student’s strong and weak areas and provides a complete performance comparison. An assessment of the student’s performance over the previous eight years is also included.

What are the eligibility requirements for participating in the International English Olympiad?

A student must have a basic understanding of English, and the school should have a system in place to give Olympiad content to students. Schools must play an active role in guiding kids who want to compete in this Olympiad.

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