IGKO Olympiad Exam Registration

Every year, the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) hosts the IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad). Its purpose is to stimulate students’ interest in current events and broaden their understanding. Students in grades 1 to 10 take the IGKO Olympiad test, and the IGKO Olympiad Syllabus is mandatory reading for students competing in the IGKO Olympiad.

The SOF IGKO is a single-level exam for applicants that helps develop their interest in general knowledge and awareness of current events. The IGKO is an excellent opportunity to develop intellectual thinking and reasoning talents, as well as values in children, so that they can succeed at district, zone, and international levels. Students love taking the SOF IGKO exam since it is different from their regular academics, and some applicants utilize it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge. The registration process is the first step toward taking the exam.

Registration Process for SOF IGKO 2022

Students in grades 1 to 10 can take part in the SOF IGKO. Teachers should be informed that any school can register as a SOF IGKO Level 1 centre. To become a registered examination centre, the institution does not have to pay a fee. A prospectus containing registration forms is sent to all SOF-registered schools. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF before the deadline, correctly filled out, and complete in all aspects. Interested schools can request a prospectus by emailing [email protected]

The school’s coordinating teacher should follow the guidelines and submit the School Registration Form (SRF) and Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) to the SOF’s office before the deadline. Based on the Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) provided by the school, the SOF will generate roll numbers for all students.

Application Process

The information relevant to the SOF IGKO 2022 application process has been included in the section below.

  • The applicants will be able to apply through their schools for the SOF IGKO 2022.
  • The schools must register for the SOF IGKO 2022 by emailing the SOF office.
  • The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) will send all application forms and brochures to the enrolled schools.
  • Applicants who wish to participate in the SOF IGKO 2022 must submit an application fee.
  • Each student must pay a registration fee of Rs. 125, and schools may charge an additional Rs. 25.
  • After collecting all application forms from the applicants, the school must submit them to the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) office before the deadline.
  • According to the SOF, the application fee will be waived for applicants who are physically disabled or belong to soldiers’ families.

Frequently Asked Questions on IGKO Olympiad Exam Registration

Is it possible for me to participate in the International General Olympiad Exam if I achieved less than 60% in my school exams?

According to the Science Olympiad Foundation, students in grades 1 to 10 are eligible to take the IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad) exam, which administers the exam. However, the percentage of marks earned on the school exam will not be used as an eligibility criteria for the International General Olympiad exam.

Is the International General Knowledge Examination subject to negative marking?

The International General Knowledge Examination focuses on assessing in-depth knowledge of subjects because it encompasses pupils from one to tenth grade. There will be no negative marking in the exam, which will be fully objective and comprises multiple-choice questions. Also, it is critical to maintain a positive mindset and avoid developing exam anxiety.

I had competed in the Olympiads before when I was in a lower class. Is it possible for me to appear again?

Absolutely. It will give you the chance to improve your prior ranks, and if you succeed, you will be eligible for certificates and prizes once more.

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