NSO Result 2022-2023

Every year, the National Science Olympiad (NSO) is held by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). It’s a science competition that allows students to assess their own scientific understanding. The SOF announces the NSO results for all students who took the exam. NSO results are normally released two weeks after the test is completed. The students’ NSO scores are forwarded to the participating schools. They are also made available online on the SOF’s official website to simplify the process of checking the results of the NSO Exam easily.

Given the timeline of the exam dates, the NSO results 2022 for the Level 1 exam are anticipated to be announced in the final week of December. Students may expect the Level 2 NSO 2022 results to be released in March if the deadline is followed.

How to check the NSO Result?

Students can see their NSO scores on the SOF’s official website. If a student is having trouble accessing the website’s results, they may also contact their school’s coordinator. A copy of the findings is also sent to the registered schools by SOF.

The process for downloading the SOF NSO level 1 and level 2 results from the official website is outlined below.

  1. Go to the SOF’s official website.
  2. Select level 1/level 2 results from the SOF NSO.
  3. In the dropbox, choose NSO level 1/level 2 results and input the registration number.
  4. Click submit after entering the captcha code.
  5. On the screen, the SOF NSO findings will be presented.
  6. Take a printout of the SOF NSO findings for future use.

Details on SOF NSO Level 1 Result

SOF NSO Level 1 Result will mention the following details.

  • Name of Student
  • Class of Student
  • Section
  • Name of the School
  • Roll Number
  • Secured Marks
  • International Rank
  • Zone/ State Rank
  • International award won
  • School award won
  • Zonal award won

Tie-Breaking Criteria – NSO Result 2022

If two or more students have the same score in the NSO result 2022, the student who scored higher in the part with the highest priority will be given the higher rank. The order of importance of the various sections is listed below.

Priority Level for Class 1 to 10

Priority Level Section
1 Achievers Section
2 Science

Priority Level for Class 11 and 12

Priority Level Section
1 Achievers Section
2 Physics
3 Chemistry
4 Mathematics/Biology

NSO Student Performance Report

Every student who competes in a SOF Olympiad will get a Student Performance Report (SPR) along with their results. The SPR examines the student’s performance in both the level 1 and level 2 exams in great detail. Individual comparisons will be accessible on the national, zonal, and school levels. Its purpose is to help students to recognise their own strengths, flaws, and opportunities for progress in comparison to other students.

The SPR report is divided into six sections:

  • Section A: This section includes scores and rankings at the national, zonal, municipal, and school levels.
  • Section B: This part offers a performance report by section.
  • Section C: This section shows the number of correct and incorrect answers provided by the student, as well as a comparison of those answers with those provided by other students at the zonal and international levels.
  • Section D: SPR analyses percentage scores at the national, zonal, municipal, and class levels in the fourth section.
  • Section E: The average marks at various levels are compared and analysed
  • Section F: The student’s performance throughout the last eight years of Olympiad tests is compared in this section.

NSO Cutoff

The test involves a significant number of school students from all around India. The SOF will disclose NSO 2022 cutoff marks prior to the presentation of NSO 2022 Level 1 findings. Students who pass the Level 1 exam with the NSO result cutoff scores are eligible to take the Level 2 test. Students in grades 3 to 12 who pass the NSO Level 1 tests take the NSO Level 2 exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on NSO Result  

What factors influence the NSO Cutoff?

The NSO cutoff points differ according to the following factors:
The total number of applications that have been received.
The total number of students that sat for the NSO test.
The question paper’s difficulty level.

Is it possible to take more than one Olympiad exam?

Students can register for all Olympiads in a year if they meet the qualifying requirements.

What is the objective of the NSO answer key?

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) publishes the NSO answer key online via official websites. Students can verify their anticipated scores by downloading the NSO answer keys 2022 from the official sites. Following the start of the test, many coaching schools offer the NSO 2022 solution key for SET A & B. The NSO answer key 2022 contains the correct answers to all of the exam’s questions. With the aid of the answer key, students may calculate their predicted marks on the SOF NSO test.

When will the NSO results be released?

The NSO results are announced within 8 weeks following the exam and submitted to the schools involved. The NSO results are also available online.

Is there any negative marking in the NSO exam?

No, there is no negative marking in the NSO exam 2022.

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