Biology Root Words For Bi-

Greek/ Latin Root: bis / bīnus

Meaning: Twice/ Double

Examples of Root Words Starting with “Bi-”

  • Bipedal

    Bipedalism is a form of locomotion where an organism moves with its two rear limbs. Humans, birds and kangaroos are examples of bipedal animals.

  • Biflagellate

    Biflagellate is a term used to describe an organism that has two flagella – a thread-like structure that helps in locomotion. This structure is predominantly found in many unicellular organisms.

  • Bivalve

    Bivalves are a class of organisms that belong to the Phylum Mollusca. We use the name “bivalve” today because the taxonomic term for the same was “Bivalvia”, which was introduced by Linnaeus in 1758, which refers to the animals having shells composed of two valves.

  • Biovular

    Biovular refers to the state: derived from two ova. The term “binovular twins” are used to express the same.

  • Bisexuality

    In biology, bisexuality refers to the condition of an organism that is capable of producing both male and female gametes. In multicellular organisms, bisexuality is called hermaphroditism; it is common among invertebrates.

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