Scientific Name of Sparrow (House Sparrow)

Passer domesticus

House sparrows are birds that belong to the family Passeridae. These are small birds growing to an average length of 16 cm. The species exhibits sexual dimorphism, with the females having pale brown and grey plumage while males are more brightly coloured – with white, black and brown plumage. Besides the house sparrow, there are about 24 other species in the genus Passer.

House sparrows have a wide distribution – from the Mediterranean to Asia and Europe. It has been also introduced to other parts of the world such as Africa and Australia. The birds prefer living closer to human settlements, feeding on seeds as well as insects. Being a small bird, it has a lot of natural predators – from large predatory birds such as hawks and eagles to cats and other carnivorous mammals.

House sparrows are divided into 2 groups, with 6 subspecies in each. The subspecies are as follows:

  • Passer domesticus domesticus Group
    • European house sparrow (Passer domesticus domesticus)
    • Egyptian house sparrow (Passer domesticus niloticus)
    • Eastern Mediterranean house sparrow (Passer domesticus biblicus)
    • Persian house sparrow (Passer domesticus persicus)
    • Northwest African house sparrow (Passer domesticus tingitanus)
    • Western Mediterranean house sparrow (Passer domesticus balearoibericus)
  • Passer domesticus indicus Group
    • Indian house sparrow (Passer domesticus indicus)
    • Turkestan house sparrow (Passer domesticus bactrianus)
    • Kashmir house sparrow (Passer domesticus parkini)
    • Passer domesticus rufidorsalis
    • Passer domesticus hyrcanus
    • Passer domesticus hufufae

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What is the scientific name of sparrow?

The scientific name name of sparrow Passer domesticus


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