Stages Of Meiosis

Definition of Meiosis

“Meiosis is the type of cell division that results in four daughter cells, each with half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell.”

What is Meiosis?

Meiosis is the process in which a single cell divides twice to form four haploid daughter cells. These cells are the gametes – sperms in males and egg in females. The process of meiosis is divided into 2 stages. Each stage is subdivided into several phases.

Meiosis I:

  • Prophase I
  • Metaphase I
  • Anaphase I
  • Telophase I
  • Cytokinesis I

Meiosis II:

  • Prophase II
  • Metaphase II
  • Anaphase II
  • Telophase II
  • Cytokinesis II

Read on to explore what is meiosis and meiosis cell division along with the different meiosis stages in detail.

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Stages of Meiosis

Meiosis cell division takes place in the following stages:

Meiosis I

Prophase I

  • The nuclear envelope disintegrates.
  • Chromosomes begin to condense.
  • Spindle fibres appear.

Prometaphase II

Spindle fibres attach to the chromosomes at the centromere.

Metaphase I

The homologous chromosomes align at the equatorial plate ensuring genetic diversity among offspring.

Anaphase I

The homologous chromosomes are pulled towards the opposite poles.

Telophase I

  • Spindle fibres disappear.
  • Nuclear envelope is reformed.

Cytokinesis I

The cytoplasm and the cell division result in 2 non-identical haploid daughter cells.

Meiosis II

Prophase II

  • The chromatin condenses into chromosomes.
  • Nuclear envelope disintegrates.
  • Centrosomes migrate to either poles.
  • Spindle fibres are reformed.

Metaphase II

The chromosomes align along the equatorial plate. On the contrary, the chromosomes in metaphase I were in homologous pairs.

Anaphase II

Sister chromatids are pulled to the opposite poles.

Telophase II

Nuclear envelope redevelops and the spindle fibres disappear.

Cytokinesis II

The cytoplasm and cell divide producing 4 non-identical haploid daughter cells.

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