Determinants Worksheet

Determinants are mathematical objects that have its application in analysis and solution of linear equations. It is a value that is determined from elements of a square matrix. They are computed only for a square matrix. There exist a particular formula for two crosses two and three crosses three matrices.

Some of the essential properties of a determinant include a determinant that consists of two rows, and two columns will have a value equal to zero. A determinant where either row or column is 0 then the value will be equal to zero. When two columns or rows are switched, then there will be a change of value. Without changing the determinant value, one can expect the multiples of columns and rows can be added.

Determinants Worksheets are very useful to find the determinants of the order three cross three (3*3) and two crosses two ( 2*2). Here there are many numbers of worksheets for determinants with two and three variables, for solving various equations using Cramer’s Rule. Problems are based on CBSE Syllabus and NCERT. The answer key sheet is provided for each problem.

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