Geometry Formulas For Class 9

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that concerned with shapes, points, lines and much more. Geometry Formulas are used to calculate the length, perimeter, area and volume of different geometric figures and shapes. They are also used to calculate the arc length, radius etc.

In class 9 students will learn about coordinate geometry, where the points are placed on the “coordinate plane”. It has two scales – one running across the plane called the “x axis” and another a right angles to it called the y axis.

The table below gives you few important geometry formulas for class 8. The formulas listed below are commonly required in class 8 geometry to calculate lengths, areas and volumes.

Geometry Shapes Formulas for Class 9
Geometric Figure Area Perimeter 
Rectangle \(A= l \times w\) \(P = 2 \left (l+w \right )\)
Triangle \(A = \frac{1}{2}bh\)

\(P = a + b + c\)
Trapezoid \(A = \frac{1}{2} h \left (b_{1}+ b_{2} \right )\) \(P = a + b + c + d\)
Parallelogram \(A = bh\) \(P = 2 (b + h)\)
Circle \(A=\pi r^{2}\) \(C = 2 \pi r\)<

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