TN Board Class 11 Zoology Important Questions

Zoology is a branch of Biology that deals with the study of animals. It helps us to understand the vast diversity of animals their anatomy, reproduction, etc. It also helps students to get knowledge about our ecosystem and how the animal reacts. Important questions of Class 11 Zoology TN board play an important role for students while preparing for their final exam. It is a fruitful resource through which students can get an overview of the questions that can be framed in an examination. Here, in this article we provide the PDF link for the TN Board Class 11 Zoology Important Questions as well as the questions are given on the web page. Students are advised to answer these TN Board 11th Class Important Questions for Zoology to get acquainted with varied questions of different difficulty levels.

TN Board 11th Class Important Questions of Zoology

Practising these important questions of Class 11 Zoology makes learning effective and also improves performance at the time of examination. It also gives the students a platform to self-evaluate their own preparation and a chance to cross check whether they have covered the entire syllabus or not. These important questions are systematically arranged according to the TN board Class 11 Zoology syllabus and are advised to be solved on a regular basis.

By solving these important questions of Class 11 Zoology students will get familiar with what type of questions will come, marking scheme, important topics, etc. Students must take these important questions as an important part of their preparation strategy because there is a chance that these questions might be asked in the final exam paper. So, by solving these TN board Class 11 Zoology important questions students will enhance the level of understanding of the subject.

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  1. Differentiate probiotic from pathogenic bacteria
  2. Brief about Metagenesis in Cnidarians?
  3. Tissues are called the living fabrics of an organisms – Elucidate
  4. How are pigeons adapted for aerial mode of life?
  5. Name the segments of the walking legs of cockroach
  6. List the possible reasons for peptic ulcer. How can it be prevented?
  7. Why are villi present in the small intestine and not in the stomach?
  8. How does the entry of food particle into trachea is prevented when swallowing?
  9. What is chloride shift and why does it occur?
  10. Differentiate schizocoelom from enterocoelom.
  11. Write about the excretory organs in Arthropods.
  12. What happens during nitrogen narcosis?
  13. Define vermitech?
  14. Comment on the functions of alary muscles in cockroach?
  15. Comment on the squamous epithelial cells lining the walls of the alveoli.
  16. What are the functions of liver in the human body.
  17. Write short notes on any two fat soluble vitamins and add a note on their deficiency symptoms
  18. Explain the role of spiral valve in truncus arteriosus of frog
  19. Explain the difference between the Bohr effect and Haldane effects?
  20. Differentiate between Blood and Lymph.


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