Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Zoology Syllabus

A well-structured syllabus help students to get a clear idea about the entire curriculum. It is one of the most important components to excel in the exam. Class 11 students of Tamilnadu board must be fully aware of the Zoology syllabus and should prepare for their exams accordingly. The syllabus includes all the important topics and concepts that the students will be learning in this particular Class. Students are advised to refer to the Tamil Nadu Board Class 11 Zoology Syllabus, at the beginning of the academic year to get an idea about the topics covered in Class, and to plan the studies accordingly for more efficiency in exam preparations.

TN Board 11th Class Zoology Syllabus

Students are suggested to go through the Tamilnadu board Class 11 Zoology syllabus topics properly and prepare accordingly. It is important to be through with all the basic concepts to be able to comprehend chapter in the next grade efficiently. It is important for every 11th standard grade student to know the Tamilnadu board Class 11 Zoology syllabus before starting their preparation for exams. The syllabus introduces various important topics that are extremely important for Class 11 Zoology students to have a strong foundation of the zoology concepts.

Class 11 Zoology Part Syllabus (Volume I)
Unit I
Chapter 1 The Living World
Chapter 2 Kingdom Animalia
Unit II
Chapter 3 Tissue Level of Organisation
Chapter 4 Organ and Organ Systems in Animals
Unit III
Chapter 5 Digestion and Absorption
Chapter 6 Respiration
Chapter 7 Body Fluids and Circulation
Class 11 Zoology Part Syllabus (Volume II)
Unit III
Chapter 8 Excretion
Unit III
Chapter 9 Locomotion and Movement
Chapter 10 Neural Control and Coordination
Chapter 11 Chemical Coordination and Integration
Unit IV
Chapter 12 Trends in Economic Zoology

Importance of Class 11 Zoology syllabus

  1. A syllabus is a constructive tool that give the students an overview about the course content they will going to study for that particular academic year.
  2. Having a clear understanding of the syllabus is necessary to score good percentile in their Class 11 final exam.
  3. The questions asked in the final exam are framed as per the syllabus of Class 11 Zoology which covers all the topics and concepts.
  4. A well-structured syllabus give students a clear idea on which topic they need to concentrate more and also mentions unit wise marks weighatge.
  5. Tamilnadu Board of Class 11 syllabus prescribed for Zoology also give the students a thorough knowledge of what is required to do in Class 12.


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