TN Board Class 12 Biology Important Questions

Biology is the study of life and living organisms of all types. It includes the plants, animals and microbes in the surrounding nature. Class 12 Biology TN board syllabus is divided into two subjects Botany and Zoology. Botany is the study about plants and their characters in detail, whereas Zoology deals with the structure and functions of animal bodies. Here, in this article we have compiled the TN Board Class 12 Biology Important Questions, and they have been categorised into the Important questions for Bio-Botany and Bio-Zoology for the convenience of the students.

Important Question of Class 12 Bio-Botany

Botany is the Science of plant life. Modern botany deals with plant structure, differentiation, growth, reproduction, etc. Students should focus more on topics carrying high weightage of marks while preparing for the exam. Important question of Class 12 Bio-Botany of TN board provides students with additional important questions to practice to test their knowledge. These important questions of Class 12 Bio-Botany are designed by subject experts as per the Tamilnadu board Class 12 Bio-Botany syllabus. Students are advised to solve these important questions to boost up their confidence, and they can also self-evaluate their preparation level.

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  1. Bring out the economic importance of teak
  2. Differentiate Dicot root and monocot root
  3. Explain hibiscus rosa-sinensis in technical terms
  4. Explain calvin cycle (Flow Chart or Explanation)
  5. Write any essay on recombinant DNA technology
  6. Explain the significance of herbarium
  7. Write about the physiological effects of cytokinn?
  8. Draw the structure of t-RNA?
  9. List out the various types of infloresence of euphorbiaceae with suitable examples
  10. Explain the significance of ploidy
  11. Differentiate photorespiration from Dark respiration
  12. Explain bentham and Hookers classification
  13. Describe the primary structure of T.S of dicot root
  14. Distinguish the anatomy of dicot roots from monocot roots
  15. Write an essay about the basic techniques of plant tissue culture
  16. Write about calvin cycle(Flow Chart only)
  17. Describe Datura metal in botanical terms
  18. Write any three salient features of ICBN
  19. State the functions of DNA

Important Question of Class 12 Bio-Zoology

Zoology is all about the interaction of animals and the ecosystem. It is one of the most interesting subject of Biology. Important questions of Class 12 Bio-Zoology of TN board will help students to score good percentile and to prepare Bio-Zoology more effectively. It is suggested for every student of Class 12 TN to check these important questions to get acquainted with different variations of questions and be able to tackle any question in the exams. Class 12 Bio-Zoology syllabus of Tamilnadu board cover topics such as microbiology, immunology, modern genetics, etc., and these topics are covered in the below mentioned important questions.

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  1. What are the function of corpus callosum and anterior commissure? If corpus callosum is damaged what will happen?
  2. Distinguish between Active and passive immunity
  3. Distinguish between vaccines and antibiotics
  4. Write an essay on protozoan diseases caused to human being
  5. Describe the functioning of cerebral cortex
  6. A proper balance between insulin and glucogon production is necessary to maintain proper blood glucose level – Discuss
  7. Terrestrial animals are generally either ureotelic or uricotelic, not ammonotelic why?
  8. Distinguish between isograft and allograft.
  9. Write the uses of karyotyping.
  10. What are the alternative options for the couples who are unable to achieve fertilization in the normal way? Explain
  11. Describe the mechanism of urine formation.
  12. Suggest the ways to protect Earth from global warming and ozone depletion
  13. Describe the mechanism of urine formation.
  14. Describe about various kinds of first line defence in most animals
  15. Write an essay on the techniques associated with correcting heart-related disorder is man
  16. What is Renal failure? What are the reasons for renal failure? Suggest some remedial measures and treatments.
  17. Identification of gene and its function plays an instrumental role in the field of Biology. Discuss
  18. Write a note on Neo-Lamarckism.
  19. What is DNA segmenting? Why is it done?
  20. Enumerate the contributions of Medical Microbiology to the field of Medicine.


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