TN Board Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

Class 12 is a crucial stage in a student’s life. Students should keep working hard while preparing for their Class 12 board exam. For a subject like Chemistry, it is very important to give sufficient time as it is more theoretical, and students must be clear with every concept involved. For students of Class 12, the best way to become strong with their preparation is by practising these important questions of Class 12 Chemistry TN Board. Class 12 Chemistry is an important subject for those students who want to pursue a career in research or medicine which needs a strong foundation. Any of the students who wish to self -analyse their performance in exams or evaluate their preparation level for the exams can answer these TN Board Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

Practice these important questions for Class 12 Chemistry TN board to boost up preparing and to score good percentile in Class 12 board exam. The important questions of Class 12 Chemistry are very helpful for every student for exam and advance level preparation. These important questions of Class 12 Chemistry mentioned below will help students to boost up their preparation. Most of these important questions are picked up from TN board Class 12 question paper and TN board Class 12 sample paper Chemistry.

Class 12 Chemistry important questions of TN board are framed with the help of subject experts as per the TN board Class 12 Chemistry syllabus. It covers all the important concepts and topics which will further help the students to understand the structure and pattern of question paper and also test they can test themselves in terms of their preparation and exactly where they stand.

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  1. Explain the factors affecting Ionization Energy
  2. Show that decrease in free energy change is equal to net work done by the system.
  3. Explain the cell terminologies used in Electrochemical cell.
  4. How do electro-negativity values help to find the nature of Bond
  5. Explain the Extraction of Gold from its ore.
  6. Write notes on Schottky defect.
  7. What is the electrochemical equivalent of a substance when 150gm of it is deposited by 10 ampere of current passed for 1 sec?
  8. How is Nylon 66 prepared.
  9. Derive De-Broglie relation.
  10. Explain the extraction of silver from its ore.
  11. Write the postulates of Werner’s theory
  12. Discuss the Quinonoid theory of indicators.
  13. Distinguish between Racemic and meso form.
  14. Explain Gabriela pthalimide synthesis.
  15. Discuss the Quinonoid theory of indicators.
  16. Mention the uses of Helium.
  17. How Ionization energy is affected by atomic size and nuclear charge.
  18. How is the Structure of glucose elucidated.
  19. What are chromophores? Give examples.
  20. What is Spallation reaction?

Students can also refer to the TN Board Class 12 Chemistry Practicals here to see the list of experiments and the procedure to do it.


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