TN Board Class 12 Zoology Important Questions

Zoology is the study of the animal kingdom which is a part of biology. It is the scientific study related to the entire species of the animal kingdom. The subject also includes the study of animal physiology, their behaviour, and their interaction with other species in their environment. Zoology is an important subject for those students who are preparing for UPSC IAS exam, and here every student requires a deep knowledge of this subject. Important questions of Class 12 Zoology TN board are a fruitful resource for those students preparing for Class 12 Zoology examination. Students can solve this collection of Tamil Nadu Board Class 12 Zoology Important Questions for practice.

TN Board 12th Class Zoology Important Questions

All the important questions present in this material are framed by subject experts as per the latest syllabus of Class 12 Zoology TN board. These important questions of Zoology Class 12 cover-up all the important questions which are necessary for the students preparing for their Class 12 board exam. Class 12 students are advised to solve these important questions of Class 12 Zoology so that they can self-evaluate their preparation level and cross- check whether they have skipped any topic.

Practicing these important questions will boost up their self-confidence and also they will get to know about the question paper pattern, difficulty level and unit wise mark distribution. Along with the regular study material students are suggested to solve these important questions for Class 12 Zoology on a regular basis.

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  1. Write in detail about mariculture.
  2. Explain about the mechanism of silk formation in silk worm
  3. List out the zoological names of cultivable fishes of India with their common names.
  4. Enumerate/name the organizations involved in Bio-diversity conservation.
  5. Write a note on different methods of gene transfer
  6. What is immunodeficiency disorder? Explain about it in detail with examples.
  7. What are antibiotics? Give Examples, Write in detail about the mode of action of antibiotics.
  8. Enumerate the valves of Air circulation system, write a note on their location, their function’s.
  9. Elucidate how rhythymicity is ensured during breathing.
  10. Explain how digested food materials get absorbed into the small intestine.
  11. Write a note on structure of viruses.
  12. Define poverty. Write a note on its alleviation measures.
  13. Integrated fish culture and its types
  14. Proteins undergo structural modification during its synthesis? Why? Write a note on the models that explains about its structure & its uses.
  15. What are environment and public health hazards caused by aquaculture practice. What are the steps taken by Government to overcome this?
  16. Describe about induced breeding technique in fish.
  17. Explain about the management of Hazardous wastes.
  18. What are dental caries? Explain its symptoms and treatment.
  19. Write an essay about symptoms, diagnosis control and management of AIDS.
  20. What are the symptoms of graft rejection? What are the measures taken to prevent graft rejection?
  21. What is Human genetics? What are its contributions to the field of genetics?
  22. Differentiate between the Antigen and Immunogen.

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