Samacheer Kalvi Class 9 Tamil Nadu State Board Mathematics Syllabus 2021-22

Tamilnadu State Council of Educational Research and Training, in short (TNSCERT) has revised the  Samacheer Kalvi TN Board Class 9 Maths syllabus over time repeatedly and come up with the most updated version. The syllabus we are providing here are in accordance with the latest curriculum.

Tamilnadu board has implemented Trimester system. The entire academic year is divided into three segments. The examinations are conducted and students are evaluated at the end of each term independently. Previous term Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu State Board Class 9 Maths syllabus will be omitted, and new syllabus will be introduced in each term.

Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu State Board Class 9 Maths Syllabus 2021-22

Mathematics is a universal language. Studying Mathematics will help to improve reasoning ability and analytical skills or thinking. Analytical thinking helps the child to deal with real life problems more logically.

Mathematics syllabus for class 9 under Tamil Nadu board covers topics like – Set language, Real numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate geometry, statistics etc… Follow the link below for trimester wise syllabus.

Term I:

1 Set language Introduction.
Representation of a Set
Types of Sets
Set Operations
Cardinality and Practical problems and Set Operations
2 Real numbers Introduction.
Rational numbers.
Irrational numbers
Real numbers
3 Algebra Introduction.
Arithmetic of Polynomial
Value and Zeros of a Polynomial
Division of Polynomials
Remainder theorem
4 Geometry Introduction
Geometry Basics- Recall
5 Coordinate Geometry Mapping the Plane
Devising a Coordinate system
Distance between any two points

Term II

1 Set language Introduction.
Properties of Set Operations.
De Morgan’s theorem.
Cardinality and Practical problems and Set Operations.
2 Real numbers Introduction.
Radical Notation.
Rationalisation of Surds.
Scientific notation.
3 Algebra Introduction.
Factor theorem.
Algebraic Identities.
Synthetic division
4 Geometry Introduction
Parts of circle
Circle through three points.
Properties of Chords of a Circle
Cyclic Quadrilaterals
5 Statistics Introduction
Collections of Data
Measures of central tendency
Arithmetic mean.

Term III:

1 Algebra Introduction
Linear equation in one variable
Linear equation in two variables
Slope of a line
Intercept of a line
Simultaneous Linear Equations
Consistency and inconsistency of a linear equation in two variables
2 Coordinate Geometry Introduction
Midpoint of a line segment
Points of Trisection of a Line Segment
Section formula
The Coordinates of the Centroid
3 Trigonometry Introduction
Trigonometric Ratios and some special angles
Trigonometric ratios for complementary angles
Method of using Trigonometric Table.
4 Mensuration Introduction
Heron’s Formula
Application of Heron’s formula in finding areas of quadrilaterals
Surface area of cuboid and cubes
Volume of cuboid and cube
5 Probability Introduction
Basic ideas
Classical approach
Empirical approach
Types of events

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