Tamilnadu State Board Science Syllabus For Class 9

TamilNadu State Council of Educational Research and Training, in short (TNSCERT) has revised the syllabus over the time repeatedly and come up with the most updated version. Syllabus we are providing here are in accordance with the latest curriculum.

Tamilnadu board has introduced Trimester system. Here entire academic year is divided into three segments. Each term have independent syllabus, internal exams and term-end exams, the students are evaluated at the end of each term independently. Previous term syllabus will be omitted and new syllabus will be introduced in each term.

Why learning science is important?

Science will help children to understand the infinite physical phenomenon happening in and around us. This better understanding of nature helps man kind to develop better communication systems, achieve better medical research, effective management of energy resources etc.

Science syllabus for class 9 under Tamil Nadu board comprises topics like –

1 Measurement and Measuring Instruments.
2 Motion
3 Light
4 Matter around us
5 Atomic structure
6 Living World of Plants-Plant Physiology
7 Living world of Animals – Diversity in Living Organism – Kingdom Animalia
8 Health and Hygiene – Food for living
9 Computer – An Introduction

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