Difference Between Biology and Biotechnology

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Biology is the branch of science that deals with studying living organisms, whereas biotechnology is a branch of biology that involves living organisms to develop products for human benefit. Though a branch of biology, biotechnology is different from it in several ways.

Let us explore the difference between Biology and Biotechnology in detail.

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Biology vs Biotechnology

Following are the important differences between Biology and Biotechnology:


It deals with the study of living organisms.

It is the utilization of living organisms to develop various products.

It deals with the anatomy and physiology of a living organism.

It is not concerned with the anatomy and physiology of a living organism.
It is based on zoology and botany.

It is based on modern advancements in medicine and medical procedures.

It explains everything about living organisms and the life process

It utilizes traditional biological knowledge and combines it with technology to produce stuff beneficial for mankind.

Biology meaning

Biology is the science of life. It is composed of several specific disciplines that study the structure, function, growth and evolution of living organisms. Aristotle is known as the “Father of Biology”.

Biotechnology meaning

Biotechnology is a broad area of biology that utilizes living systems and organisms to develop products or any technological applications that use living systems to make products or processes for sustainable use.

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