Earthworm Scientific Name

Lumbricus (Genus)

Earthworms are invertebrates that belong to the order Opisthopora. There are over 1800 species of earthworms identified to date. Earthworms occur in soils around the world, provided there is enough moisture and organic content for survival. Many scientists have their own system of classifying earthworms. However, this has caused confusion and as a result, these systems of classification undergo constant updates and revisions. Today, the genus of earthworms is generally accepted to be Lumbricus.

The most widely known and studied species is the Lumbricus terrestris.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Earthworm Scientific Name


What is earthworm’s scientific name?

There are thousands of species of Earthworms and all are classified under the order Opisthopora.


Are earthworms harmful to humans?

Most earthworms that you may encounter in the soil pose no threat and are harmless. However, the soil also contains other worms that might be a cause for concern – such as nematodes (especially the parasitic varieties).


How can earthworms be beneficial?

Earthworms turn the soil and increase the aeration of the soil. Thus, the roots have better penetration and the nutrients are easily available to the plants.


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