Scientific Name for Brown Tree Snake

Boiga irregularis

Brown Tree snakes belong to the family Colubridae, which also includes other species such as Boomslangs. The snake is native to Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Moreover, the snake is considered an invasive species in Guam, where its population exploded due to the lack of natural predators and an abundance of prey.

The brown tree snake has fangs which are placed at the rear of its mouth. This placement makes it difficult for the snake to envenomate a human. Moreover, the venom is harmless in adult humans, making the species harmless. However, children are known to be more susceptible to its venom due to their lower body mass.

It is a nocturnal snake that usually hunts in the canopies of tropical rainforests. A fully grown adult snake might reach lengths of 3-6 feet. The snake is generally yellowish-green, but variations do exist, with some specimens being coloured beige. A notable characteristic of this species is its relatively large head. It is also quite resilient, able to survive for long periods without food.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Brown Tree Snake


What is the scientific name of the Brown Tree Snake?

The scientific name of the Brown Tree Snake is Boiga irregularis.


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