Scientific Name of Ant

Formicidae (Family)

Ants are insects that belong to the Order Hymenoptera, which also includes bees, wasps and sawflies. Within the family Formicidae, all the species of ants have been placed across 21 subfamilies. Moreover, ants are the most species-rich of all the insects, with over 12,000 species described and more awaiting classification. Currently, over 300 genera have been documented by various entomologists all over the world.

Ants showcase a remarkable level of organization – from queens responsible for laying eggs and sterile workers and soldiers to winged males that are made only for mating. Ants also take care of their young – once the eggs hatch, the larvae emerge and are fed by the queen (in the first generation), then, the workers take over feeding the larvae. The quantity and the kind of food the larvae is fed determines if it grows up to be a queen or a worker. The larvae will eventually grow and moult – and soon it will spin a cocoon of silk and prepare for metamorphosis. Once this stage is complete, the new adult emerges from the cocoon and joins the colony.

Many researchers consider ants as “superorganisms” because they appear to function as a single, unified entity that works collectively to help support the colony. Ants are also very resilient, able to survive and thrive in almost any environment. As a result, they have colonized every landmass on earth (with the exception of Antarctica).

Scientific Names of Ants (Select Species)

  • Black Ant Scientific NameLasius niger
  • Harvester Ant Scientific NamePogonomyrmex barbatus
  • Red Bull Ant Scientific NameMyrmecia gulosa
  • Black Carpenter Ant Scientific NameCamponotus pennsylvanicus
  • Pavement Ant Scientific NameTetramorium caespitum
  • Red Imported Fire Ant Scientific NameSolenopsis invicta
  • Weaver Ants Scientific NameOecophylla (genus)
  • Yellow Crazy Ant Scientific NameAnoplolepis gracilipes
  • Leaf Cutter Ants Scientific Name – Leafcutter ant is a non-generic name that refers to ants which belong to one of the two genera – Atta and Acromyrmex
  • Flying Ant Scientific Name – Alates (Not a scientific name, but a general term used to describe winged ants with their only goal being the expansion of their mother colonies.)

Scientific Names of Other insects mistaken to be Ants

  • Scientific Name Of White AntIsoptera (infraorder) – Please note – the term “white ants” refers to termites. Termites are completely different and fall under the order Blattodea, which also includes cockroaches.
  • Red Velvet Ant Scientific NameDasymutilla occidentalis (Not an Ant – but a species of wasp)
  • Panda Ant Scientific NameEuspinolia militaris (Not an Ant – but a species of wasp)

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What is the scientific name of ant?

Ants are insects that belong to the Formicidae family.

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