Scientific Name of Birds

Aves (Class)

Birds are warm-blooded animals characterized by toothless beaks, hard-shelled eggs and feathers. The evolution of birds can be traced back to the dinosaurs, especially a group of dinosaurs called the theropods – which were bipedal. One of the first birds to evolve is the Archaeopteryx (Archaeopteryx lithographica), though – it is more “bird-like” than an actual bird. Researchers agree that Archaeopteryx is a “transitional” organism – sharing common similarities between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds. However, recent research has found that the Aurornis xui, another bird-like animal, predates Archaeopteryx by around 10 million years.

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Scientific Names of Select Birds

  • Kingfisher Bird Scientific Name – Alcedinidae (Family)
  • Scientific Name of National Bird – (Pavo cristatus) India’s national bird is the peacock
  • Love Birds Scientific Name – “Lovebirds” is a common name for birds that belong to the genus Agapornis
  • Scientific Name Of Sparrow – Passeridae (All sparrows belong to the family Passeridae)
  • Cardinal Bird Scientific Name – Cardinalidae (Cardinals belong to the family Cardinalidae)

Miscellaneous Fact:

  • Bird Of Paradise Scientific NameStrelitzia reginae. Do note that this is not an actual bird but a plant that resembles the shape of a bird, complete with wings and a beak.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Birds


What is the scientific name for birds?

All birds belong to the class Aves, under the clade Ornithurae.


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