UGC NET Exam Preparation Tips

NTA conducts UGC NET twice in a year to facilitate the recruitment process for JRF and Assistant Professor positions in colleges and universities in India. UGC NET is considered as one of the toughest exams and it is crucial to appear for this exam if you are interested to get Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor in top colleges in India.

The UGC NET Exam Preparation is a process and it includes choosing the right preparation books and study materials. There are 2 papers as per the official UGC NET Syllabus, that analyse the candidates’ research aptitude, teaching aptitude as well as subject-based knowledge. So, it is important to have a strong UGC NET Preparation plan to score well in the upcoming UGC NET 2023.

Read the article below and get experts’ suggested section-wise UGC NET Exam Preparation Tips for the upcoming exam

UGC NET Preparation Tips – Subject-Wise

Applicants should place more emphasis on qualitative learning than quantitative. If you don’t diligently study, you could get distracted in the exam setting. Here we have listed UGC NET 2023 preparation tips. You can follow these tips to clear UGC NET cut off to get selected for the final admission process

UGC NET Exam Commerce Preparation Tips

  • Focus on Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.
  • Comprehend the practical applications of different theories and concepts.
  • Solve numerical problems to improve your mental calculation skills.

UGC NET Economics Tips

  • Be familiar with the concepts of Macro and Micro Economics
  • Understand the different theories and models related to Economics
  • Solve numeral and data interpretation problems from the past year’s exam question paper

UGC NET Exam Preparation for Education

  • Study the concept well for the philosophy of education, psychology, and the history of education.
  • Understand the different approaches to pedagogy
  • Do not neglect the recent updates on educational policies and issues.

UGC NET Preparation Tips for English

  • Comprehend the English Literature, Language Teaching and Linguistics
  • Read works of prominent writers in different genres.
  • Work on your writing skills, specifically comprehension and essay

UGC NET Environmental Science Preparation Tips

  • Focus on different concepts of Ecology, Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Pollution.
  • Comprehend the meaning and approach of the Interdisciplinary nature of Environmental Science.
  • Read current environmental issues, governmental policies and their solutions.

UGC NET Geography Exam Preparation Tips

  • Focus on Physical and Human Geography, and Cartography.
  • Study satellite images, maps, and GIS.
  • Solve questions related to identifying and analyzing relationships and patterns in geographical data.

UGC NET History tips

  • Read well all the events and concepts of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History in detail.
  • Be focused on historical events, movements, figures, and the History of the world and India.

UGC NET Exam Preparation for Law

  • Study different aspects of law including Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, and
  • Understand the interpretations and provisions of laws.
  • Read current legal issues as well as their implications.

UGC NET Management Preparation Tips

  • Study Financial Management, HRM aspects, Marketing Management, and many more
  • Read theories of management and its real-life applications.
  • Solve different case studies as well as real-life business problems.

How to Prepare for UGC NET 2023? Expert Tips and Strategies

Do you want to know how to get ready for the UGC NET Exam? In order to master your UGC NET preparation plan and achieve the highest possible score heed the advice provided below.

Check Exam Pattern Thoroughly

It should be your priority to check UGC NET Exam Pattern after the notification is released. It will provide you with an understanding of how many papers there will be, how many questions there will be overall, how long the exam will last, and how many points each topic will receive.

Refers BYJU’S Study Materials

There is a ton of UGC NET study material accessible online these days. Additionally, you can access the free PDFs, online videos, and live workshops that will help you prepare better for the exam at BYJU’S online classes for government exams.

Makes Notes

Prepare UGC NET notes while reading a specific subject. You can refer to your written notes when learning numbers or practising equations.

Do Revision Daily

Regular revisions are extremely important to study unit-wise and paper-wise UGC NET preparation well. The subjects you have mastered for the day should be reviewed frequently. Additionally, it will aid in your long-term memory retention of that specific subject.

Take Mock Tests

To succeed with your UGC NET Exam preparation strategy, take practice tests and exams from prior years. You will become more accustomed to the kinds of questions on the exam by completing the practice tests.

Additionally, it will aid in the evaluation of your degree of preparation. Additionally, you can regularly monitor the results of your UGC NET mock exam to determine your strong and weak points and, consequently, focus your efforts there.

We anticipate that you have learned all the necessary information about the UGC NET Preparation 2023 recommendations from the article presented here. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries. To learn more about the upcoming tests, download the BYJU’S – The Learning App.

Frequently Asked Questions on Preparation Tips


How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam at home?

In order to prepare for the UGC NET Exam at home, the candidates must check the latest exam pattern and syllabus to know the topics and sectional weightage of the exam. Analyse your position and understand your weaknesses and start your preparation accordingly.

Which app is best for UGC NET preparation?

The BYJU’S – The Learning App is the best app for preparation. Here, the candidates will get online classes, video lectures, recorded sessions, PDF study materials and free mock tests for UGC NET Preparation.

Can I prepare for UGC NET 2023 in 6 months?

It will be quite hectic to prepare for any exam in 6 months. The subjects covered in UGC NET 2023 are huge. The candidates need a scheduled study plan for at least 1 year to score well in the exam.

How can I pass UGC NET on the first attempt?

If the candidates have good conceptual clarity and have prepared for the exam in a strategic way, then there is a chance to crack UGC NET on the first attempt.

How many days are required for UGC NET Preparation?

Ideally, it takes 8 months to 1 year for UGC NET Preparation. But it depends on how many hours you are investing in your studies on a daily basis.