JKBOSE Class 7 Previous Year Maths And Science Question papers

The main purpose of examination conducted in JKBOSE is to find the student abilities. The board enables the students to learn truly what they are being taught by the teachers. The Secret of getting high is getting started. Believe in yourself. You will always definitely do your best. Don’t prioritise any of the subjects. Never memorise the concepts. Present your answers neatly. Use headings, sub-headings, bulleted points to score marks.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S, we are in the process of updating the latest question papers.

Previous year question papers are very helpful in scoring good marks in the final examination. Mostly 50-60% questions are repeated from previous years. It will give the fair ideas like:

  • What type of questions are asked from different topics
  • Exam Pattern
  • Time Management
  • Helps to gain confidence
  • Which area you have to concentrate more
  • Weightage of each chapter

Often practising with previous year question papers helps you to increase the speed of writing answers in the final examination. It helps to focus the area you have to concentrate more. With the help of syllabus, visualise the concepts, find the learning objective, understand it and present it in your final examination.

Click the below links to view the previous year class 7 Maths and Science question papers:

Previous Year Mathematics Question Paper
Previous Year Science Question paper


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