40 in words

40 in words is written as “Forty”. 40 is a two-digit number that has two place values, ones and tens. It represents a count, quantity or value. To represent 40 in words, we should know how to read and write it in English since it is the most commonly used language. Also, learning to spell numbers in words is necessary to utilise in real-life situations. For example, Gautam saved Forty Rupees out of shopping today. Learn how to write 40 in words in this article.

40 in words Forty
Forty in Numbers 40

How to Convert 40 in Words?

40 is a number that is a multiple of 4. When 4 is multiplied by 10 then we get 40 as the result. Now, we can see 40 has two digits 4 and 0. The place value of 4 is at tens place, and 0 is at ones place. In the Indian number system, the positions of digits from right to left are given in the order of:

  • Ones
  • Tens
  • Hundreds
  • Thousands
  • Ten-thousands
  • Hundred-thousands or Lakhs

Thus, we can write the number 40 in words using the place value method.

4 0
Tens Ones

The digits at:

  • Unit place is 0
  • Tens place is 4

In the expanded form, we can write as:

4 x 10 + 0 x 1 = 40 + 0 = 40

Therefore, 40 is written Forty in words. You can practise writing 1 to 40 in words, in the same way.

40 in English

The number 40 is spelt as Forty in English. We should learn to write and read the numbers in the English language to make them easy to understand and express. Since, in education, English is commonly used worldwide. Hence, it is necessary to learn all the counting numbers using the English alphabet.

What is 40?

40 is a number that could be a count, a quantity or a value. It can be used in various other forms like a nominal number (E.g. House No.40) or an ordinal number (E.g. 40th). Other specifications of the number 40 are:

  • 40 is a natural number
  • 40 is a whole number
  • 40 is an even number
  • 40 is a composite number
  • 40 is a real number
  • Square root of 40 is 6.32

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


How to write 40 in words?

40 in words is written as Forty.


What is 400 in English?

400 is written as Four hundred in words.


Is 40 an odd number?

40 is not an odd number but an even number. It is completely divisible by 2.
40/2 = 20


Is 40 a perfect square?

40 is not a perfect square number since its square root is not a whole number.


40 is a prime number. True or false?

False, 40 is not a prime number but a composite number since it has more than two factors.


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