Properties of Hexagon

We will study the properties of a Hexagon in this article. For understanding the properties of a Hexagon, let’s first study What is a regular Hexagon.

What is Hexagon?

A closed figure which is two-dimensional and is made up of straight lines is called a polygon. A polygon is a geometric figure. In this type of geometric figures, if one has 6 sides, it is called a Hexagon.

Properties of Hexagon

If these six sides have the same lengths and all the angles formed by these lines are equal, then it is known as Regular Hexagon. In a hexagon, all sides are congruent.

Table of Properties of Hexagon






A Hexagon has six sides.



A Hexagon has six angles.



There is a total of 9 diagonals in a hexagon.


Interior angles

The sum of interior angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees.


A measure of the angle

Each interior angle of a hexagon is of 120 degrees.


Exterior angles

The sum of all the exterior angles is equal to 360 degrees.


The measure of the angles

Each exterior angle of a hexagon is of 60 degrees.



The area of the hexagon is (1.5 3) × s2



The hexagon is made up of 6 regular triangles.

Solved Examples on Hexagon

Choose the correct answers

Question 1: How many Diagonals does a hexagon have?

  1. 12 Diagonals
  2. 9 Diagonals
  3. 6 Diagonals
  4. 10 Diagonals

Question 2: What is the measure of each exterior angle of a hexagon?

  1. 90 degrees
  2. 120 degrees
  3. 60 degrees
  4. 180 degrees

Question 3: How many sides does hexagon have?

  1. 8 sides
  2. 4 sides
  3. 6 sides
  4. 10 sides

Question 4: What is the sum of the interior angles of a hexagon?

  1. 720 degrees
  2. 360 degrees
  3. 280 degrees
  4. 830 degrees

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