Scientific Name of Crow

Corvus (Genus)

Crows, ravens as well as rooks belong to the genus Corvus, under the family Corvidae. Most members are medium to large-sized birds possessing a small, rounded head with a conical, elongated beak. The plumage is entirely black with some members having an iridescent sheen on certain parts of the body such as their torso or neck. Members of this genus are found on almost every temperate continent expect for South America. Interestingly, crows have been documented to not only use tools but create them as well. For instance, a New Caledonian Crows (Corvus moneduloides) named Betty stunned scientists when she twisted a straight piece of wire into a hook and used it to retrieve a tiny basket of meat trapped inside a plastic tube. This event was well-documented and paved the way for other experiments on animal intelligence.

Scientific Name of Crow, Raven and Rook Species.

Common Names

Corvus brachyrhynchos

American Crow

Corvus coronoides

Australian Raven

Corvus unicolor

Banggai Crow

Corvus insularis

Bismarck Crow

Corvus meeki

Solomon Islands Crow/ Bougainville Crow

Corvus fuscicapillus

Brown-headed Crow

Corvus ruficollis

Brown-necked Raven

Corvus capensis

Cape Rook/ Cape Crow

Corvus corone

Carrion Crow

Corvus cryptoleucus

Chihuahuan Raven

Corvus torquatus

Collared Crow

Corvus corax

Northern Raven / Common Raven

Corvus nasicus

Cuban Crow

Corvus levaillantii

Eastern Jungle Crow

Corvus rhipidurus

Fan-tailed Raven

Corvus ossifragus

Fish Crow

Corvus florensis

Flores Crow

Corvus tasmanicus

Tasmanian Raven

Corvus tristis

Grey Crow

Corvus hawaiiensis

Hawaiian Crow

Corvus cornix

Hooded Crow

Corvus splendens

Indian House Crow / House Crow

Corvus culminatus

Indian Jungle Crow

Corvus jamaicensis

Jamaican Crow

Corvus macrorhynchos

Large-billed Crow

Corvus bennetti

Little Crow

Corvus mellori

Little Raven

Corvus validus

Long-billed Crow

Corvus kubaryi

Mariana Crow

Corvus moneduloides

New Caledonian Crow

Corvus brachyrhynchos caurinus

Northwestern Crow

Corvus palmarum

Palm Crow

Corvus albus

Pied Crow

Corvus typicus

Celebes Pied Crow / Piping Crow

Corvus frugilegus


Corvus sinaloae

Sinaloa Crow

Corvus enca

Slender-billed Crow

Corvus edithae

Somali Crow

Corvus imparatus

Tamaulipas Crow

Corvus crassirostris

Thick-billed Raven

Corvus orru

Australian Crow/ Torresian Crow

Corvus violaceus

Violet Crow

Corvus albicollis

White-necked Raven

Corvus leucognaphalus

White-necked Crow

Corvus woodfordi

White-billed Crow

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What is the scientific name of crow?

Crows fall under the genus Corvus.


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