Animal Husbandry - Food From Animals

Agriculture is the method or art of cultivating plants that we consume as food. This has been practiced since ages. Lots of care and methods have been adopted to maintain this cultivation without loss. This may include agricultural practices like land preparation, seed selection, sowing, weeding, etc. The same care and attention are required for animals too as they also make a major source of our food. Animals are bred commercially in order to meet the high demand of food. Let’s learn about different types of food from animals and animal husbandry.

Animal Husbandry

We depend on plants and animals for our food, because we are incapable of synthesizing the food. The food keeps us healthy and strong. It provides us energy and nutrients through which, we properly functioning and helps the growth of the body. Based on the diet and how we depend on animals, human beings have been divided into two groups’ vegetarians and non-vegetarian.

Animals provide us a variety of food products which have high nutrient values. Dairy products from animals like cow, buffalo, goat, are rich sources of protein. These animals are called milchy animals as they provide us with the milk. Another set of animals that provide nutrient-rich food are a hen, ducks, goose, etc. They provide us eggs which again are rich sources of protein.  Animal-like chicken, duck, ox, goat, pigs, etc are bred for meat. Other than these domestic animals we have other sources of nutrients as well, they are marine animals. The seafood we eat has very high nutrient values. They are sources of a variety of nutrients like vitamins, fat, proteins, and minerals.

The care, breeding, management, etc of animals are particularly monitored under the department of animal husbandry. Animal husbandry is a large scale business. Here animals bred, cared, reared and sheltered in a farm or region which are specially built for them. Animal husbandry involves poultry, milk-farms, apiculture (bee agriculture), aquaculture, etc.

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